LAWS OF KENYA COMPANIES ACT CHAPTER Revised Edition [ ] Published by the National Council for Law Reporting with the Authority of the. THE COMPANIES ACT. (CHAPTER OF THE LAWS OF KENYA). PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES. MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION. OF. 4 Jul The new Companies Act has been commenced. Government Printers, the Kenya Law Website – and the Office of Each form bears a reference to the Companies Act rather than the Cap

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Section of the Principal Act requires every company to keep a register of its directors which shall be made available for inspection by the shareholders without charge or by others on payment of a fee. The Companies Act, has now been fully operationalized. Section 2 of the Act has been amended to provide that minutes of each meeting of directors shall be kept by a company for at least 7 years was previously 10 years.

Company registration documents have been exempted from stamp duty eliminating the requirement for cpa duty assessment and franking. L-4 Winding-up Act, R. Registration of order and minute of reduction. Provisions applicable to a creditors winding up Meeting of creditors Appointment of liquidator Appointment of committee of inspection Fixing of liquidators remuneration Cesser of directors powers on appointment of liquidator Power to fill vacancy in office of liquidator Application of section to a creditors voluntary winding up Lass of liquidator to call meetings of company and of creditor at end of each year Final meeting and dissolution.

Fees payable for such applications shall be the fees payable under the old Act. Membership of the Commission. Change of name [Act No.

Articles of Association if those provided in the Regulations have not been adopted. Meetings of creditors and contributories to determine whether committee of inspection shall be appointed Constitution and proceedings of committee of inspection Powers of court where no committee of inspection.


Reasons for Winding Up A Company 4. In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, expressions defined in the Companies Act, or any statutory modification thereof. Rules and fees for winding up.

Company Registration in Kenya April 10, Written by admin. Explanatory Notes to Sample A.

Special resolution for reduction of share capital. Directors Is there a minimum age for directors? The power of the Court to liquidate such a company shall also not be affected.

Restriction of rights of creditor as to execution or attachment in case of company being wound up Duties of court as to goods taken in execution. Meaning of private Company. Offences by officers of companies in liquidation Penalty for falsification of books Fraud by officers of companies which have gone into liquidation Officers of company failing to account for loss of part of company s property Liability where proper accounts not kept Responsibility for fraudulent trading of persons concerned Power of court to assess damages against delinquent directors, etc Prosecution of delinquent officers and members of company.

Meaning of unregistered company Winding up of unregistered companies Foreign companies may be wound up although dissolved Contributories in winding up of unregistered company Power of court to stay or restrain proceedings Actions stayed on winding-up order Provisions of Part IX cumulative Saving for winding up under the repealed Acts.

In default of any provisions regulating the giving of notice to any such debenture holders, the provisions of the company s articles regulating the giving of notice to members shall apply.

Register of Directors Section of the Principal Act requires every company to keep a register of its directors which shall be made available for inspection by the shareholders without charge or by others on payment compsnies a fee. Debts of all descriptions may be proved Application lawe bankruptcy rules in winding up of companies Preferential payments.


Printing and signature of articles. Business Registration Act Cap. Specific performance of contracts to subscribe for debentures. Registrar Of Companies Companies Forms Rules have also been published and are available on the above websites. Annual return to be made by company having a share capital Annual return to be made by company not having a share capital Time for completion of annual return Documents to be annexed to annual return Certificates to be sent by private company with annual return.

Is the whole Companies Adt, now in force?

Key Highlights on the Amendments to the Companies Act, – Robson Harris

Companies excluded from the Small Companies Regime A company falls under the Small Companies Regime if it satisfies two or more of or following conditions: Company Names 2 3.

How to file company annual returns in Conclusiveness of certificate of Incorporation 1 A certificate of incorporation given by the registrar in respect of any association shall be conclusive evidence that all the requirements of this Act in respect of registration and of matters precedent and incidental thereto have been complied with, and that the association is a company authorized to be registered and duly registered under this Act.

Persons who can incorporate More information. Section of the Companies Act stipulates that every company having a share capital shall, once at least in every year, make a return, and the said return […]. Registration of unlimited company as limited.