Allwit and pay for all of the Allwits’ expenses. The crowd says yes, at which point the two lovers rise from their coffins admitting that they faked their deaths and are married by the parson. All of the guests retire to dinner where they will celebrate both new marriages. View the Study Pack. In addition, both of the Allwits refuse to acknowledge the fact that he has slept with Mrs. Touchwood Junior is very bold in this ruse, telling Yellowhammer that he intends to use the ring to steal away a man’s daughter. Sunday, March 17th

Since Yellowhammer does not know who Allwit is, he does not realize that Allwit is talking to him. Yellowhammer does not see through this speech to realize that Touchwood Junior means Moll. In fact, Middleton’s works did not earn a substantial amount of critical attention until this century, and even then his image suffered from the fact that he often collaborated with others. Guide written by Alexandra Appleton. Into this corrupt world, where almost everyone seems a villain, Middleton places two characters who help to balance out the immorality, at least a little bit. Elizabeth toed the line during her long reign, not willing to endorse either side totally and the religious tension increased.

When it looks as though Moll’s unhappy engagement to Sir Walter might end his comfortable arrangement, Allwit resorts not to artifice, but to truth, going to the girl’s father, Yellowhammer, with the facts of Sir Walter’s domestic situation.

These types of deceptions happen throughout the play and they are often accompanied by asides. Maudlin comes in and realizes that Tim’s use of Latin has caused the confusion.

A Study of Some of the Representative Plays, Allwit and Yellowhammer have specific moral codes that allow them to commit certain acts. Allwit offers to get Touchwood Junior, whom Sir Walter does not know, to serve as another witness.

Allwit a very generous gift which the various women remark on, saying it is too rich. Most scholars believe that Thomas Middleton ‘s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside was first performed sometime between andalthough it was not published untilwhen sumjary was published in a quarto edition in England.

As Yellowhammer notes, Sir Walter “lies i’th’ knight’s ward now.

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Summary & Study Guide

Although Yellowhammer tells Allwit that he will not let Sir Walter marry his daughter, secretly, he says he will, since Yellowhammer himself has also kept mistresses. Davy goes to the Allwits, telling them that he thinks that Sir Walter’s wounds from the fight may kill him.

Allwit tries to intervene on Sir Walter’s behalf at first. In this tissue of double entendres, there is a spirit of vitality and play that distracts the audience from the potential moral issues in such rambunctious sexuality. Yellowhammer, the goldsmith from the play, peddled their wares.


Yellowhammer leaves with Moll whom, he says, he is going to lock up. In Shakespeare’s words to the young man of the sonnets: On the other hand, the Yellowhammers, Sir Walter, and Tim, all of whom strive to be something which they are not, are those who are punished most severely, all three losing both money and prestige. They also note that they have married their son Tim to the Welsh gentlewoman, who is a prostitute—a fact they learned too late.

Then, to make matters more confusing, Edward’s half-sister, Mary, a Catholic, assumed the throne in and persecuted Protestants during her short reign.

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Elizabeth toed the line during her long reign, not willing to endorse either side totally and the religious tension increased. He is skilled at using it because he is so fertile. Yellowhammer is a goldsmith who along with his wife, Maudlin, tries to force his daughter, Moll, to marry Sir Walter Whorehound.

Act 4, Scene 2. When news is brought that Lady Kix is pregnant thus ruining Sir Walter’s prospectsthe Allwits kick him out and plan to sell all Sir Walter’s gifts and move to a home in The Strand. Porter’s one-volume history of London examines the growth of the city from classical times to the present day.

Tim and his tutor get in a semantic dhaste in Latin which is broken up by Maudlin Yellowhammer. He also notes that if he were paying for all of this, he would be broke from the Puritan women’s obvious excess.

Therefore, reading a complex Elizabethan drama like A Chaste Maid in Cheapside can be very difficult without footnotes since the reader must often determine from the dialogue alone what is going on.

Maudlin sends the Welsh gentlewoman in to Tim, hoping to strike up a love affair between them while Maudlin and the tutor leave. However, Yellowhammer arrives in time to stop the two lovers’ first attempt at marriage. Covatta says, “Characters step outside the boundaries of summzry and morality but do so because the real advantages to be gained outweigh the hypothetical benefits of maintaining sterile order. The first promoter says to his partner after letting a man sneak some meat by them, “Tis Mr Beggarland’s man, the wealthy merchant.

Touchwood Senior is an extremely fertile man who has more children than he can support and as a result, he chazte his wife plan to live apart before they have any more children.

In fact, Middleton almost seems to question truth’s usefulness by giving Allwitt, an extremely corrupt character, such concern for it. The Yellowhammers believe that this woman is Sir Walter’s landed niece, a Welsh gentlewoman, but she is in fact a prostitute. In A Fair Quarrela tragicomedy written cyaste collaboration with William Rowley, the Fitzallen-Jane relationship bears a remarkable similarity to the Gerardine-Maria one: When Maudlin speaks to her daughter Moll in cheapsied first exchange of dialogue, Maudlin criticizes Moll for not being more like Maudlin was as a maid.


Despite pursuing Moll, Sir Walter is also cneapside an affair with the wife of Allwit, a willing cuckold, who has given his blessing on the affair in return for financial support. The Kixes’ childless state becomes a source of strife between mid, and Sir Kix blames his wife, saying she is barren—even though Sir Kix is an old man and is more likely culpable for their sterile condition. Act 3, Scene 2. Wives act like whores.

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A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Summary & Study Guide

He may be making a more complicated point: Sampson says, “The Elizabethan with utter frankness reveals passions and prejudices, foolish, ignominious, or debasing, but he is free of bitterness and superiority. He attended Queen’s College, Oxford, starting inbut summady left without a degree after two years.

But, after two thwarted attempts at marriage, the young lovers resort to fighting artifice with artifice, faking their deaths to gain sympathy from both the public and their parents who are unable to stand against the tide of public opinion when the lovers are “resurrected” in the final scene.

Half-Price Ticket Hot Sellers. However, Maudlin reminds him that he once chwapside he could prove a prostitute to be an honest woman and now chapside has his chance.

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside – Act 1, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis

Allwit, Wat and Nick, come in to say hello, and Sir Walter makes plans to get rid of them before his marriage by sending them off to be apprentices. Middleton was a Christian and has been labeled both a Calvinist and a Puritan by various critics.

He hopes to marry her off to the philandering Sir Walter Whorehound but Moll loves Touchwood Junior, a poor cyaste gallant young man. Farr notes in her book Thomas Middleton and the Drama of Realism: