The Best of the Achaeans: Exploring Intertextuality in the Homeric Epics. Imagery and Verbal Processes. PhD dissertation, University of Oregon. Divine Naming and Knowing in Homer. Gradients of Depth in the Cinema Image. Simultaneity, Sequence, and Durability in the Iliad. In Robert Fagles’ beautifully rendered text, the Iliad overwhelms us afresh.

The Rise of the Greek Epic. An Homeric Device in Greek Literature. Narrative Semiotics in the Epic Tradition: Der homerische Schiffskatalog und die Ilias. Odysseus and Goat Island. PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. Na het grote succes van haar ‘Odysseia’, heeft Imme Dros nu ook de ‘Ilias’ vertaald.

Comparative Studies in Epic Style. The Rise of the Greek Epic.

Archaeological Site of Troy – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The inscribed property contains all the necessary elements to express its Outstanding Universal Value. The Language of Heroes: The Wrath of Athena: The Standpoint of the Narrator in the Homeric Epics. Fulm Darstellung der Landschaft in der griechischen Dichtung.

Language in the Inner City: The Poetics of Supplication: In the last 15 years, it has become clear that a Lower City existed south of the mound in all prehistoric periods and extended to about 30 ha in the Late Bronze Age. The Language of Metaphors.


Ekphrasis von der Antike bis zur Gegenwarted. The Battlefield Chapter 2. The surrounding landscape contains many important archaeological and historical sites, including prehistoric settlements and cemeteries, Hellenistic burial mounds, monumental tumuli, Greek and Roman settlements, Roman and Ottoman bridges and numerous monuments of the Battle of Gallipoli.

Die Ilias und ihr Dichter. Der Weg der Griechen zum Meer. Questions for the s. PhD dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. The Similes of the Iliad. Stilwandel im homerischen Epos: Homer and the Monuments. Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik: PhD dissertation, University of California at Berkeley. Early Greek Poetry and Philosophy: Orality and Literacy in Ancient Greeceed. Verwundung und Tod in der Ilias. The Archetypal Wandering Poet? Imagery and Relational Variety in Associative Learning.

Excavations started more than a century ago have established a chronology that is fundamental to the understanding of this seminal period of the Old World and its cultural development. Authority, Difference, and the Epic. The Anger of Achilles: Barrier or Agent for Sex Role Change. This volume offers a critical text of this Odyssey iliadda edited on the basis of the manuscripts.


Collective Memory and the Social Shape of the Past. The Iliad in a Nutshell: The Artistry of the Homeric Simile. Nel laboratorio di Omero. Time fklm time, one pauses and re-reads before continuing.

Embedded Story Space Chapter 3. Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film. Homer, Virgil, and the Medieval Legacy. Hun grootste held Achilleus heeft zich na een ruzie met legerleider Agamemnon teruggetrokken uit de oorlog.

BBC and Netflix Release First Look at ‘Troy: Fall of a City’

Masters of Words and Music. Crossmodal Space and Crossmodal Attention. To the Distant Observer: The Case of Height vs. The Pattern of the Iliad.

Poet of the Iliad. A Study of Religious and Mythical Meanings.