If you’re new to these blogs please do share your thoughts in the comments below — we always love a theory — and for everyone joining us second time around: Back in Copenhagen, Brix organizes a search of the army barracks and finds a locker full of incriminating objects. It has become something of a cult show. Sarah and Jan interrogate mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann. Retrieved 17 November But then I love a political thriller.

The first, regarding Sarah Lund being compromised, I felt that Lund was the same as before, ever so confident, ever so assertive and moreover, for me as a viewer, I enjoyed seeing Lund having someone as cooperative unlike Jan Meyer as Ulrik Strange as her partner. There has been discussion from the very first episodes about whether it was actually Raben who went mad and shot everyone, and then had a breakdown and can’t remember his subsequent actions. Pernille is increasingly out of touch with the family, while the emotional state of the cast-out Theis takes a nosedive. But back at the Town Hall, Troels no longer knows who to trust. Troels attempts to establish a new alliance at the Town Hall, but is met with fierce resistance. Marie Askehave Theis Birk Larsen: Retrieved 1 December Over countries have purchased the first two seasons of The Killing.

The hunt for a missing suspect takes an unexpected turn, while the odds snopsis and truly stack up against Sarah. The only thing that tempts her back to Copenhagen appears to be that the request comes from Brix. TV shows worth watching.

Raben continues his rogue investigation and tracks down a synopsus soldier who he believes to be responsible for the Afghanistan incident. We can only wonder at whether Lund will even get a partner for season three — I can’t imagine there will be a waiting list given the current survival rate … The investigation: Retrieved 17 August Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Was that because they respected what she’d done?

Astute: Forbrydelsen (The Killing) – Season 2 by Søren Sveistrup – Review

Crime drama Psychological thriller Mystery. Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. Perhaps with that final betrayed glance from Lund that Brix could not quite meet. TNS Gallup in Danish. Retrieved forbrydelxen May When Strange tries to synopsiis his gun, Lund shoots him dead. Isn’t that a bigger scandal? We’ve got lots to get through so I suggest we press straight on with the details and not only because many of you will surely be shouting “I told you so!


Pernille is increasingly out of touch with the family, while the emotional state of the cast-out Theis takes a nosedive. How could it be worse?

The Killing 2: episodes one and two

However, I never understood the reason for such strong criticism. Lund suspects that the murder is not as straightforward as it seems, despite the forced confession of Dragsholm’s husband. Everything changes when year-old Nanna Birk Larsen is found raped and brutally murdered. Moreover, the next bone of contention was that the personal aspect of a murder was completely ignored, that is, there was no focus on the families of the bereaved. The police investigation comes under fire after soldier Lisbeth Thomsen was killed by a bomb planted in her boat, but Brix keeps Lund and Fogbrydelsen on the case.

There was some tip-top writing here: I thought Thomas was going to actually explode at several occasions tonight as he raged on for almost two hours solid. Series 1 Danish poster. It was first broadcast on the Danish national television channel DR1 on 7 Januaryand has since been transmitted in many other countries worldwide. Sarah Lund officially joins the forbbrydelsen into the murders of Anne Dragsholm and soldier Allan Myg Poulsen, who was found butchered in a warehouse.

Retrieved 25 November He has a glass of wine for you. Lund tricking soldiers into taking her without protection to villages where soldiers had been shot. So did he shoot the little girl? forrbydelsen

Sunday, November Monday, November Even had he accepted that for the sake of democracy in Afghanistan, democracy in Forbgydelsen might have to be sidestepped and I’m not sure I even think that would have been likelyhe has never appeared interested in furthering his own career. Strange gives himself away by revealing a detail that only the murderer could know, and confesses to the murders before shooting Lund with her own gun, which he then plants on Raben.

I’m still unsure whether she truly knew it was Strange behind the killings as they walked in the memorial park — although the body armour suggests she was at least on the way to being convinced.


Outside Denmark I found it more difficult to suspend my disbelief.

Serbia on RTS1 as Ubistvo Bent Mejding Rie Skovgaard: Sarah heads the investigation and is teamed up with her replacement, Detective Inspector Jan Meyer. And for those good with a pair of needles: But her decision to remain in Copenhagen to work on the murder case is exacerbating problems in her private life. Buch is hit by the revelation of a secret memo about the Dragsholm murder, and the actions of the former minister come into question.

For the American remake of this crime drama, see The Killing U. They try to learn the truth about the Afghanistan mission and pay a visit to the mother of a fallen soldier who may be connected to the case. Troels is counting on winning the election and is willing to put everything on the line. Secrets are uncovered at the ministry and in the military, revealing a conspiracy to conceal vital information.

The Politicians Crikey Buch. Will she never learn? Flyers he had printed in his dead wife’s name were found at the crime scene. The actors would receive the scripts only on an episode-by-episode basis just moments before shooting was scheduled to begin.


Her body was then dumped in the Memorial Park. The first being, although I praised Thomas Buch, as a character in the story, I however felt that his presence and in fact, the entire political aspect of it to be quite redundant. In the same way, I wonder whether Strange was really hoping for a get-out when it forbbrydelsen to killing Lund: The police are after Theis, who has disappeared once again with murder suspect Rama and now seems more prepared than ever to take the law into forbryvelsen own hands.