Hey, I never refuse food from strangers. Young man, you do not respect us by disrespecting your father. The Duff brewery is on that island. Moe’s – night – establishing. Okay, next, here’s the food at the cafeteria that will make you sick: It has the cookie store that gives free samples! Disposed of them in an environmentally friendly manner! Homer snoops on Amid’s computer under the pretense of grinding almonds.

I think it is time for us to go. The Simpsons S28E14 – Fatzcarraldo. All these years I’ve been petting lambs when I should’ve been shoving them in my mouth. Don’t eat that, sweetie, it’s poison. Later that evening, while going to their home to apologize, Homer catches a glimpse of Bashir’s father working with TNT in his garage; due to a nightmare featuring the Genie of Aladdin in which he transforms Homer’s “decadent, Western society” into a stereotypical Islamic republic, he decides to eavesdrop on Bashir’s parents talking about Bashir’s father’s job in building demolition, but misses part of the conversation and thinks that Bashir’s father is a suicide bomber. Well, if you want to stop Bashir and his war on American principles, you could discriminate against his family, in employment and housing. Homie, it’s very open-minded of you to have Bart’s Muslim friend’s Muslim family over. Milhouse is lookin’ good — he’s got contacts, changed color, got a cool new catchphrase

Gee, they sure give the Christmas spirit the bum’s rush around here. Look guys, everyone’s different. Gotta prove the genie was right Realizing his mistake, Homer apologizes, and the Simpson family throws a “Pardon My Intolerance” party for Bashir’s family.


He’s like a god who knows what we want! The Simpsons S4E16 – Duffless.

The Simpsons S7E10 – The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular! – Watch for free | SoyaTV

Bart forgot this, sir. The only thing that’s safe is the pork chops. Dad, it was an empty building. It actually turns out that the old mall was slated watfh destruction, which the city council wanted, while the bridge leading to the brewery was supposed to open the next day. Don’t eat that, sweetie, it’s poison. I don’t hear almond grinding! Ooh, here comes the ambulance! Our website is made possible by displaying online boomaticks to our visitors.

The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 7 – Mypods and Boomsticks

Actually, Bart, my job is about math and engineering. Usually that ends the dream. He rushes to the Springfield Mall to warn the shoppers except Patty and Selmaand sees Bart standing near a detonator with Bashir and his father. Would you like to stay for dinner? Boy, don’t blow up this mall! And that announcement is The Simpsons S5E14 – Lisa vs. Safely and legally, in order to make room for new buildings.

That’s pretty patriotic, but I got a better idea — invite ’em over.

Simpson, I accept your apology. Who dares question the boss we fired ten years ago and then brought back? To continue watching watching this episode, sign in with your TV provider user ID and password.

I’m poor, I’m dirty, I can’t read nor write, I think movies are real In reality, he hacks watfh the family’s laptop and discovers a diagram of demolition plans for the Springfield Mall.


I can’t afford any of your products, but can I buy some fake white earbuds, so people will think I have a MyPod? Spritz Goes to Washington. Whiner,” and Groundskeeper Willie, “Grounds-creeper Stupid.

I see you’re admiring our MyCube. Now I know how Dane Cook feels. Welcome to Mapple Headquarters. Don’t like the taste of freedom? What about the bridge? Okay, you’re new to our school, so here’s the deal: Our mall got a Mapple store! Lisa Goes to Washington. The Simpsons S25E1 – Homerland. Why just the other day I was reading that science is used to make bombs.

The Simpsons – SE7 – Mypods and Boomsticks

Ah, that’s not clever. As soon as the father departs for work, Homer convinces Bashir’s mother to invite him in for a proper pardoning of his dinner prejudice. The Simpsons S28E17 – 22 for I mean, the one true Moe. Springfield Mall – day.

Your heart is blacker than your turtleneck! The Simpsons S11E15 – Missionary: With the Light Blue Hair. I got mayonnaise in the C.

You know, Bart never told me he had a handsome teenage brother.