Add the first question. Languages Suomi Edit links. After coming to his senses from the crash, Robbie uses the nose jump to catch back up to Blitzen. I would say, after thinking it over, that there are four key areas where this American dub fails, and in which the original UK dub succeed. Next to nothing will go over your head. Although the series is distributed commercially by BBC Studios , and has been sold to more than 30 countries internationally, the entirety of their net profits from the series go to Comic Relief.

Robbie escapes the ship just moments before it is destroyed by the Earth Guardians, and uses the telepathy device to complete his wedding ceremony. I would say, after thinking it over, that there are four key areas where this American dub fails, and in which the original UK dub succeed. The same thing is true if you try to replace native UK phrasing and terminology with an American equivalent: Start your free trial. But in the CBS re-dub, absolutely none of that happens. But even then, somehow, the pacing of each line was out of whack. Robbie, Donner and Prancer are the only ones to escape, and seek the aid of the last remaining Viking tribe whose diminutive members are all named ” Magnus “. It just ends up sounding fake and lousy.

One of the elves even wears steampunk goggles and a biker cap. Retrieved from ” https: Something else I noticed is that just like with being excited, whenever Robbie was having trouble, or was angry, or was in pain; Ben would also drop the ball. Blitzen voice Caroline Quentin At first, there is some mistaken identity “It’s robbis The sound is just left as-is, at the same og and the same EQ throughout the entire film.

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Use the HTML below. Blitzen guilts Robbie into leaving after saying Rudolph will receive the blame for his son causing a late Christmas.

And the icing on this fruit-cake of a mess is most definitely the lack of audio mixing. While rescuing a tourist, Robbie falls of a cliff and is rescued by a Vikingwho then disappears. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Santa lets Robbie borrow the sleigh, which he uses to spend a romantic evening with Donner. Robbie is able to catch up with the others and winds up barely losing the race to Blitzen, who is soon disqualified and arrested when he is found to have used performance-enhancing substances.


Was this review helpful to you? Richard Starzak as Richard Goleszowski. Donner later finds Robbie and reveals to him Blitzen’s true intentions to rid Robbie from the team and says that he can get back on the team if he wins a medal at The Reindeer Games.

Retrieved 22 November Share this Rating Title: Santa Claus voice Rhys Ifans Because of these distinctive designs, it allows each character to stick in your mind without them having to be on screen for very long. Vixen voice Jean Alexander And with these accents comes a lot of regional humor and forms of speech that allow for certain gags and jokes to work especially when it comes to certain regional terms that would not work without the accents.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The production team took great care to put their own spin on the world of the North Pole.

However, Robbie returns after some mishaps, and after training with an old wise-man atop a hill; to compete against Blitzen in order hoooves prove to the big boss-man, Santa, who the best reindeer is. Fearing his place on the team gone, Robbie is assured by Santa that he still has a place, granted he isn’t unfit by then. Jingle instructs that Robbie only needs to compete in and win the Steeplechase to solidify a position on the team.

In a way, it makes the special feel longer than it is.

Upon arriving at the team’s home Reindeer Lodge, he meets several members of the team; Donner; a young female reindeer who’s secretly attracted to him, Prancer; a hip, friendly and overweight reindeer, Vixen; an attractive but apathetic reindeer whom Robbie falls for, and Blitzen; the captain of the sleigh team and Vixen’s boyfriend.

There was absolutely no care taken to actually edit these recordings so that they blended into the scene.

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The others take the crystal back to their home, where Donner’s sister Em reveals that she is a government agent who specialises in extraterrestrial life; She is able to contact the Earth Guardians using the crystal but is soon found by the Nargathrons; With the crystal, the Nargathrons count down to their destruction of Earth.


I love this song so much I wish I could buy the whole song on I-Tunes. To salvage their business, the reindeer partner with the Vikings to create a themed disco. Unfortunately, he’s got two problems facing him. Perhaps the biggest issue of all that I had with this dub was the timing, because it managed to screw everything up; especially when coupled with insincere line readings.

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And because of the lack of sincerity in the performances, my brain could not register what was going on and how relationships between the characters were building, even though I knew exactly what was going on. No Comments Nov 28, As one should readily expect from such a production as this; the charm of this special comes mostly through the voice-acting. Blitzen convinces Robbie to propose to Donner and attempts to kill him before he can hear her answer; Donner agrees and finishes off Blitzen in a move that throws him directly into jail.

The bodies of all of the characters, as well as most props and set dressings, have a unique paint job that gives it a gritty and rusty edge: English vernaculars across the British Isles have dozens of variations on pronunciation as well as native traditional vocabulary and terminology.

Mark KnopflerGuy Fletcher. The programmes follow Robbie, a reindeer who travels to the North Pole to join Santa’s sleigh teamhis encounters with the vengeful Blitzen and his relationship with love interest Donner.

Narrator voice Ardal O’Hanlon Robbie flies to the Nargathron ship, where he is imprisoned alongside Donner. Comic Robvie The rest of this review is only on the comparisons between the US and UK dubs of this film, and it gets rather lengthy and in-depth.