The University of Sydney distributed 9, copies of The Secret River to enrolling first-year students in January as part of the inaugural ‘First-Year Book Club’, which aims to bring students together to discuss and debate big ideas around a common theme. Strangers — Part One: Thornhill watches with the children as Long Bob successfully starts a fire without flint. I recommend this book! The takeaway from this book is to consider the other side of our history. Finally, how Thornhill was never able to come to terms with what he had become.

View all 4 comments. Eventually he is granted a pardon for his crime on the condition he be transported to the Eastern part of New South Wales for the term of his sentence. This was a heart-breaking and thought-provoking read, so realistic in parts that I flinched and often welled up with emotion. They have contact with the Aborigines. I feel guilty as educated people in Apr 10, Renita D’Silva rated it really liked it. What is the thing that makes me emotional though, is not that part. This book also delves into what do good people do to protect what is theirs?

Grenville is particularly good on inarticulate love, and Thornhill’s relationship with his wife, Sal, civilises him, makes him a good man and ensures that the reader is on his side. This study guide contains the following sections: Rivr Secret River is a historical story about William Thornhill who was convicted of a crime in England and sentenced to death. However, he gets used to stealing parts of the shipments he has to cross from one side to the other of the river, untill he is discovered thhe sentenced to death.

Thornhill finally convinces Sal to move to the Hawkesbury River after she has her fifth baby, Mary.

William Thornhill is the poorest of the poor in early ‘s London. He is only thirteen when his parents die which is when things start looking increasingly grim. Some times chickens, who are a bit naive, love you to bits. The novel only got interesting in the second half. I have always liked Kate Grenville’s writing, but this book struck a chord with me because Gremville familiar with the Hawkesbury area where the Australian part of the story takes grenvilke.


As the weeks go on, more natives arrive.

One of the men tries to explain that Thornhill destroyed their crop of daisies, but Thornhill won’t listen. Grenville contrasts this with the dry heat of Australia, blazing with sun, and the wide open, unsettled and unsettling bigness of it. It probably should be compulsory reading for all Australians and certainly for all Australians whose ancestors arrived in colonial times. We should be better. Willie and Dick insist that someone has already planted something there, but Thornhill dismisses this.

For all of these reasons, this is a novel which speaks to me. After a year, Thornhill applies for his ticket of leave, which makes him a truly free man. Sadly for me, it must have rgenville an urge for just about everyone else to read the book as well so I had a couple of months waiting impatiently for a library copy.

The Secret River Summary & Study Guide

Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Zynopsis clear a patch, and while the boys run to fetch the corn for planting, two Aborigine men appear in front of Thornhill.

Thornhill realises that Blackwood has an Aboriginal wife, and son. The atmosphere was intense, from the first part in the London slums where misery was a given at birth, to the harsh reality of being dumped as convicts on the shores of Australia.

The Secret River by Kate Grenville

Atrocities occur on both sides. He finds Sagitty has been impaled by a spear. He makes a plan to steal the wood with the help of his brother, Rob. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I listened to this book on Blackstone Audio, narrated by the excellent Simon Vance. He thought he was on his way to this better future when Mr.


The Secret River by Kate Grenville | Quarterly Conversation

I’m looking forward to seeing it more than ever. The book is supposed to be more about Thornhill’s life in early Australia so I was a bit taken aback by how long it took the story to get there. Sal has a third baby, Bubwho’s sickly.

This led to the domino effect that was to become a cataclysm of everlasting effect. However, there is a way for the convicts to buy freedom and start afresh. He would marry Sal and their future would be secure.

It is a very complete story with great characte What a contrast in stories from my last read! Most of the settlers at that time viewed the Aboriginal people as being less than human Lists with This Book. I understand the terror. But THIS is where the book begins.

Mr Middleton took William on as an apprent When William Thornhill was a child in the slums of London, his family was incredibly poor…stealing just to survive. He would rest synopwis the oars at Hungerford Reach, where the tide could be relied on to sweep him around, and stare along the water at the way the light wrapped itself around every object.