I still need to check this and ammend the structure post above if required. Just so we are on the same track.. Now is there an easy way like thumbgen to look in my folder and make tv series sheets? Use the following naming conventions for the thumbnails, information files, and movie sheets: Monday, 25 February You can use one of the many templates already designed by other users, or you can design your own template.

Sep 3, at 9: When previewing the cover, click the tick box and it will use that cover for the sheet where the sheet template has a cover space, then browse another cover and generate it. I’m now going to investigate setting up a frame grabber within Thumbgen and will post back. Sep 8, at 8: Also, if you use the grid screen, the information from the ThumbGen information file will appear in the information box that appears for the movie that is focused. Okay, also at work, but I think this was the flow for me..

I don’t quite understand many of the guides I’ve read that talk about copying ONLY wetv S00 file onto a thumb drive after upgrading to B-Rad or other custom firmware, and then adding some code to the file before then inserting the thumb drive in the WDTV and rebooting to ‘flash it’?

Yes, my password is: I’m now going to investigate setting up a frame grabber within Thumbgen and will post back.

We’ll switch to “Mash” to save some typing Feb 23rd, Freeware. For movies or videos which don’t have internet movie database information, you can manually create your own movie sheets using any graphic editor such as Photoshop. Sep 6, at 4: Its late, hope I made this understandable.

Using Movie Sheets

From a bit of googling at the weekend, I understand that the TGMD file is actually just a zip file of all your art work and supporting metadata used to create the sheets, plots, cast, etc. Press the ‘F1’ button under the picture you want to use to use “fanart1” 3. The desired movie directories or individual files can be selected using the integrated file browser and the movie is smartly detected based on the folder or the file name.


Heya, yeah I am going to try and use Clemery’s glass. Your nickname or email address: I have a few other things going on my house so currently have to use a 10″ netbook, which is workable but not ideal! I only tick the first box as to not confuse myself or the program this will create the episode sheet and not any others.

In fact there is no ‘OSD’ tab, which seems to be referenced in the following thread: Im desperatly trying to get movie sheets working with no success. My cars thumbnail in my post above is set up like this.

how to make TV series moviesheets? (wdtv live)

Click to load comments. The search can be filtered according to your preferences, as you can enter extra keywords to find, include or exclude the movie sheets, the external subtitles and the thumbnails. There is a glitch in generating parent folders in auto mode. sheetts

I think when movle drag the file, or click the wee ‘tick’ icon under the selected artwork in the backdrop results box, it will only change the background. Some of the information usually included on the move sheet is a description of the movie, the genre, a list of the actors, the director, the star rating, the MPAA rating, the release year, and the runtime.

I opened Thumbgen and made the relevant selections, including choosing the imported templates, made sure the total sheet size was below bytes I set to bytes to ensure below kbselected the folders on my server that contain all the movies, and am in the process of having Thumbgen find the information, which it is doing right now – I have a lot of media so it will be some hours before it is finished. The above should work ilve the Dexter series template you posted. Thimbgen continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Since Roksbox uses the bottom half of the movie sheet to provide play and exit options, the best movie sheet templates to use are the ones which do not have any text information on the bottom half. Also, if you use rhumbgen grid screen, the information from the ThumbGen information file will appear in the information box that appears for the movie that is focused.

If you want episode sheets, so the plot and screen grabs change to suit each episode, its as above, but each episode folder woud look like I don’t think TGMD is required to show sheets, just to manage them if you change templates etc, so its absence shouldn’t be affecting your thumbnails. WDTV ThumbGen is a comprehensive application that you can use to create movie thumbnails and information sheets by downloading data from various movie review websites.

I m not sure Finding Nemo should be so scary All this is totally customisable within certain limits. One way of getting better art is to google images for your film, save them somewhere logical, then with the background tab open, you can import your own art and it appears at the top of the background list.

For complete information on installing and using ThumbGen, visit the ThumbGen website at http: Home Using Movie Sheets. It provides support for multiple websites, such as Amazon, Blu-Ray. You can set the program to update existing movie sheets during the download process and create playlists that include the selected media files.

Download and install ThumbGen from http: That wdyv great I think I have worked out most of it now, still issues with the extra sheet so I have disabled it for now.

Will look again later. Sep 2, at 1: