I hate love triangles, they’re boring and annoying, and I wish we could focus on the real threats. But they’re really cute together and I feel like the writers will take their time with this one and I enjoy any relationship that doesn’t feel forced or out of the blue. Caroline calls Sloan and asks to talk to Stefan because their info was bad and they could not find Tom. Anyway, Elena tried to sneak out but Damon woke up and tried to stake her if you catch my drift. I don’t know, that would be cool, in my book. What about Jeremy’s hunter powers? Then Damon and Elena made out in front of a skeleton.

The travelers as a group 5. Caroline and Enzo find the address and Hazel but they cannot get into the house if someone does not invite them in. The best was when they had to figure out how to enter the home and Enzo had a brilliant plan. Maybe I’m being too judgey. These guys are not end game. If the show decides to hook them up, I’ll get on board. Maybe a decent big bad would help but I doubt it. Even Klaus knew you were destined for things bigger than Mystic Falls!

Hopefully this will all be sorted out. Did those guys even know what true love was?

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I really hope Stefan and Caroline are not falling in love and I hope the writers do not go this way with the characters.

Let’s hope they give her something other than sacrificing herself to do for the rest of the season SMH. The numbers maybe low, but they are still decent I believe in CW standards.


Why is Caroline’s only point on this show to date people?

Home Article The Vampire Diaries recap: Also, pathetic moral dilemma on Caroline’s part in this scenario. Oh, and Beach volleyball justice all the way! But then his cover was blown when the ghost of the witch who’d been murdered by a doorknob walked up and told Bonnie to tell him that their plan had been foiled. She tells him some more details about the travelers and asks his help again so they can find why they need the blood of Elena and Stefan.

Plus I did dig our protagonists not being murderers and also ending relationships that make them more evil and murderous. Hopefully it gives Matt, Jeremy and Tyler a reason to do something because these three desperately needs something to do. She realizes that it is Jeremy’s Steven R. A dozen people committed a suicide for this guy, he’s a dick already. I’m not really sure. This made me so happy but only if Matt and Tyler could tag along.

Search for ” Rescue Me ” on Amazon. I laughed at the suggestion to set Luke up with Damon even if they were joking. Hazel asks Bonnie to inform Luke that she failed before she passes and Bonnie confused asks Luke about Hazel and to tell her the truth.

Next thing we knew they were eating waffles and Caroline was trying to improve Tom’s life via mind-meld. Vvampire had happened to Tom? Give me a break or a shot of whatever the writers are taking!!! Sloan makes it clear that she does not care about Stefan’s brain but about his blood and she reminds Caroline that as long as Tom is alive, Stefan and Elena’s blood is useless to her.


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The Vampire Diaries episode. Nope, all of that is trivial compared to which background Elena would have on her cell phone throughout the course of diaried show. Oh and sigh the brother. And in retrospect when we look back, did we truly love those guys? Then there was the body switch which added nothing. That’s a face of a man who’s defeated. Their friendship feels very genuine and solid but it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they keep the flow because I always liked how they accepted each other ever since Stefan taught her vammpire to be a vampire.

I would watch this spin-off.

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Unless they actually had her, I wouldn’t have followed their orders that blindly like Enzo did. Not that I necessarily want Jeremy and Bonnie to break up, I just like the idea of Jeremy having a storyline finally.

But based on how pointless that class turned out to be, I can believe they try to teach penmanship to high school students who will never use it. I still think Caroline and Klaus should be idaries. I’d rather watch the Vampire Hitmen of Hotlanta hahah. I must say I’ve never enjoyed magic on this show, you know witches using direct magic as it seems overly complicated and it’s not very efficient.