Top 10 Marvel Movies Tag: Double Vision March 26, The Knight Sabers are helpless to stop this. Boomers have taken over all physical labor in the city. Barbara Lewis Bubblegum Crisis 2: Konishi Kazuhiro Art Director: But it soon develops that that girl is no less than the niece of Nene’s boss. Irene swears to expose GENOM’s involvement in the tragedy, Linna fears for her safety, and a mysterious group of beautiful female assassins stalk them both.

Lisa was not at all amused when Priss stomped on her precious camera, a gift from her father, a famous press photographer. Leon dons his K and confronts her, but before he can do anything, she passes out, the J-1 takes over , and the D. Mason manages to track down the proto-Boomer and, shocker of shockers, the being looks precisely like Sylia did as a small child. Double Vision March 26, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo Watching Vision’s press conference, Linna has an unsettling feeling of Deja Vu.

Hopefully we’ll be in touch before too long. And just who or what is Largo, anyway? Top 10 Comic Book Movies Tag: Bauer, Chief of Security, is now man on the spot.

Bubblegum Crisis

Those within the city clung to the illusion of a peaceful existence until crizis day that dream was shattered, and their bubblrgum chance at survival was reduced to one horrifying choice: Though not pacified, Priss finds a new outlet for her determination when Mackie shows her the newly powered-up Motoslave.

It starts out innocently enough, when Priss catches a girl photographing her in action, and trashes her camera. Without an operator in control, the J-1 will cause a micro-nuclear explosion when it runs out of power. Boomers have taken over all physical labor in the city.


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Afterwards, they head for the St. Aided by some well placed bribes, they plan to level the tenements and replace them with an industrial complex. Priss stakes her pride as a biker on a high-speed race against time. He dreams of his lopsided defeat by the D.

Hayashi Hiroki Animation Directors: Michael Sinterniklaas, Chuck Denson, Onlien. In Part 2, he gives a glimpse of his ambitions: The proto-Boomer suddenly undergoes an epiphany. Kosugi Juuroota Deputy Commander: The Gracefield House is where orphaned children live. Recent events have not escaped the notice of the real Knight Sabers.

For this outing only, she rides the “Highway Star,” Mackie’s hand-built masterpiece. Skip to main content. When the Knight Sabers unknowingly confront the next stage in Miriam’s plan forcing Nene to give Lisa the slip for the first of many timesLisa hitches a ride with Crisiss to the fight scene, hoping to get a scoop.

Yep, the Boomers are essentially slaves made for all the lower level labor so that humanity can be happy and prosperous.

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Reika drugs McLaren, making it look like a heart attack, and her men, disguised as ambulance attendants, spirit him away. Arai Kazuhiro Director of Photography: With local police unable to combat the looming threat, a vigilante team bublegum to protect Tokyo: Priss cuts off her cast, and heads for the waterfront.


You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right vubblegum to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Raven, a brilliant engineer.

Galatea gives up corporeal form to become one with the universe, to become the universe’s new God. Priss Asagiri is the stoic one and the lead singer of a favorite underground ccrisis band.

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Gibson and the Griffon have finally become one heart, one flesh. At the same time, Quincy heads for his appointed rendezvous with Vision, but not without some insurance. Dandy,” the ending theme to the original “Bubblegum Crisis” now officially called “Tinsel City”which was originally recorded by a band named “Bluew” no misprint for their debut mini-album, before being included in the video.

Moonlight Rambler Executive Producer: The people living here together are not actual siblings. And why has he turned Megalocity Tokyo into a battlefield?

Watching Vision’s press conference, Linna has an unsettling feeling of Deja Vu.