These enclosures are built with solid state relays for noisefree operation and tight power control of the heating system. Two user-selectable ranges offer different resolutions. For process variable retransmit, use SDAC only. A red, fourcharacter seven segment LED displays the temperature process value. There will be no cancellation charge for non-modified stock Products. When the system stabilizes, watch the process.

Winona, Minnesota Style D Ordering Information To order, complete the code number on the right with the information below: W A T L O W Responsible Engineering Think Safety All thermal systems inherently pose hazards associated with misapplication, improper application and failure to adhere to recognized national, state and local electrical codes as well as agency standards. The SERIES 97 limit controller provides safety assurance against instances where a high temperature runaway condition could occur from a shorted input sensor or an output device that could fail in a closed position. To order, specify code CD. Output 1 comes preconfigured with a Mechanical Relay dedicated for safety shutdown purposes to meet FM requirements. To order, specify the appropriate code number from the stock table. Protective Wells Protective wells isolate and protect thermostat bulbs and other temperature sensors thermocouples, RTDs or thermistors.

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A real time clock can be used to start a profile at any time. Options include modules for pulse inputs, current and voltage analog outputs, digital inputs for ac and dc signals and relay outputs.

It can measure up to 16 inputs. Process inputs are scalable and invertible from the front panel. To use these functions, the programmer just needs to know the communications port settings and address of the desired data.

Modbus Organization

Connections on terminal block provided. Time based outputs watlw be configured for variable burst fire or a cycle time can be selected. This new controller can be tailored to perform hardware and software needs with hardware modules that are plugable and exchangeable, and software menus that may be user programmed to fit exact application requirements.

MODE mm 4. The four DIN-A-MITE styles meet most application requirements by tolerating harsh industrial environments, electrical spikes and dissipating less power. The actual user interface or configuration is dependent on the master device application software. All Watlow pump line heating system heater and thermocouple cables plug right in for quick, tool-free installation.


It also increases heater life by reducing temperature over- and undershoot. Do not place on temperature control output. Input 2 can be utilized as a remote temperwture switch or a hardware lockout switch.

Semiconductor fuses are required for SCR protection.

Begin production and continue testing 8. For other sensors order special inputs, see below. Control Inputs Up to three universal analog inputs are supported. This controller features compact sub-panel mounting and is sealed against ambient environment. To order, specify code CD. Firing modes are defined by plug-in cards that set the QPAC for: The analog output module is available with 4 or 8 outputs. Act of God, war, riot, fire, explosion, accident, flood, sabotage; lack of adequate fuel, power, raw materials, labor, containers or transportation facilities; compliance with Governmental Requirements as hereinafter defined ; breakage or failure of machinery or apparatus; national defense requirements or any other event, whether or not of the class or kind enumerated herein, beyond the reasonable control of such party; or in the event of labor trouble, strike, lockout or injunction provided that neither party shall be required to settle a labor dispute against its own best judgment ; which event makes impracticable the manufacture, transportation, sale, purchase, acceptance, use or resale of Products or a material upon which the manufacture of Products is dependent.

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Watlow warrants its Products against defects in material and workmanship for at least one 1 year three 3 years on some controls from the date of controllet, provided such Product is properly applied, used and maintained. When the controller is in the adaptive control mode, it determines the appropriate output signal and, over time, adjusts the control parameters to optimize responsive- ness and stability.


It works well with phase-angle firing into a three-phase, three-wire wye or delta connected heater. The benefits of this option are: Permanent molds for aluminum ;id and Polymer Products shall be the property and responsibility of Buyer.

A circuit breaker or disconnect is required in addition to, and at least of the same rating as the semiconductor fuses. However, if the unit fails, the most probable condition will be a short. To order, please specify suffix code PL Watlow’s Series 97 is a micro-processor-based controller with a single input, second auxiliary input and four outputs.

Add second CT for 3-phase, 3-leg. If your Series SD controller was ordered with the.

Modbus – Supplier information

Any delivery suspended under this Section may be canceled without liability. High Limit Alarm Hardware: No person has authority to bind Watlow to a representation or warranty other than this express Warranty.

The PPC includes four counter or encoder inputs and four analog outputs. Input 3 measures the lube oil temperature before it leaves the tank.

For orders over 20 units, consult factory for release and shipment schedules. The autotuning feature allows the controller to mea. The kit contains all the necessary parts to change out the existing terminal enclosure cover and mount the thermostat inside.

A 16 bit microprocessor supports all the accuracy and performance advantages you have come to expect from a Watlow controller. Fuse Type mm 81 3. Side View mm 7. After receipt of such notice, Watlow will inform Buyer of any adjustments to be made in price, delivery schedules, etc. Not required for thermocouple sensor inputs. Winona, Minnesota Type T: The event input allows the operator to select a function at the close of a switch.